Jason Towe Biography

Jason Towe – Jason Towe Oil – Jason Towe InvestmentsJason Towe Oil

Jason Towe is the President of 3E Tennessee an industry leading independent oil and gas exploration company with large land holdings throughout the Appalachian basin. Jason is in charge of day to day field operations and land acquisitions and has been doing so since the company’s inception five years ago. An integral part of the success of 3E, Jason personally funded the first project for 3E Tennessee and as a result the company was insured to have continued prosperity for years to come.

Jason Towe seems to have a great combination of skill, luck, and intuition  He is responsible for hitting two of the largest wells in all of Kentucky last year and has four successful projects under his belt. Jason is currently working to expand operations and enter into other energy markets, namely solar and wind, having just funded and completed the initial phases of a 20 million dollar solar farm to be located on a portion of the over 7000 acres under lease by 3E Tennessee. Never satisfied with good enough Jason has long had an unquenchable desire for success, of which he has yet to be denied. Serving on the board of directors of Three other industry companies Jason has the ability, and the contacts to make things happen.


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